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re: Pulling Myself from Group 2

Amellia has helped tremenously with her advice on my gear...apparently 8% haste can hold back a character's dps! In the couple hours following the raid, with some tweaking, I've managed to push my haste to just shy of 24% -- still missing the soft and hard caps, though, but much more respectable.

In any event, in light of the situation I'm having with no Internet at my house, raiding on Sundays is virtually impossible because I can't spend the night in the apartment when my wife needs me at home to care for our baby on Monday morning when she's getting ready to leave for work. These raid times work perfectly for me and my family time if only I had the connection at the house, however BT (the only British phone company that exists) says they cannot make the house connection until March 4th.

So until that connection exists, to be fair to both the raid team and my family, I would like to pull myself from group 2. I understand that there is no guarantee of a spot for me when my Internet situation is remedied, but I can hope.

Thanks for understanding.

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