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re: Details on the 25-Man (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

So far it is all speculation!

We plan to be running a 25-Man group, clearing content in the next 2+ months or so, using our 2 core groups as a means to "pave the way" for our first step into 25-Man content.

We don't know exactly when it will start running, we hope those of you not on a core team can be patient enough, knowing that if we build this properly, it could be something great!

First off, recruitment. This takes some time, especially on Antonidas, not a lot of people are guild-less. On top of that, not many guild-less people are that great! We will need at minimum 30 players. This means there will be some players that may have to sit out and rotate out with others on occasion. Seniority will most likely apply in this situation.

Secondly, standards... 25-Man's can fall apart easily if not ran properly, and probably perfectly. A few of our officers have run in 25-Mans in older content, clearing it too, so we will have some solid direction from them. But when it comes to TOXIC standards... If you aren't cutting it, you will have to be replaced, even if just for the night until you figure out your issues.

Third, schedule! Our schedule will start out small, and based on how well the group is doing, we may choose to make this a main group during future content. We will start out with these times:
Saturday 1-5pm
Sunday 12-4pm
These times will be mandatory if you become a member of this group, since ALL of our guild groups are treated with the same priority and standards!

In closing, we want this future 25-Man group to prosper, and become something we can all be proud of, and if it is anything like our 2 core groups, we should be just fine.
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