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re: Guild Charter (Rules & Guidelines)

TOXIC Guild Charter

SECTION ONE (TOXIC Rules & Guidelines)

1a. These are the rules and guidelines all members of TOXIC must follow. When in doubt, revert back to the Guild Charter. The Guild Charter is subject to change only when all members of the TOXIC Council have voted on the new/old rules or guidelines.

1b. The main objective of TOXIC is to form a reliable, raid aware group of players able to quickly progress and defeat End-Game Content.

1c. There must be absolutely NO NEGATIVE DRAMA! This cannot be stressed enough. If you bring negative drama into the guild, be prepared to be removed without question.

1d. Any guild member conflict must be worked out between the conflicting members. If this is not possible, the issue(s) are to be brought up with a member of the TOXIC Council, at which point all members of the Council will discuss the matter and act appropriately.

SECTION TWO (Raid Rules & Guidelines)

2a. All TOXIC Members and Raid Members MUST be fully gemmed, and enchanted. In addition to this, anyone doing any raid MUST be in a full PvE set, and appropriately reforged.

2b. As stated in Section 1b. Our goal is to form specific raid groups according to players skill level, and class/spec. Having said this, Non-Raid Members of TOXIC are more than welcome to join us on our progression runs, on the condition that the current raid group is lacking in actual Raid Members.

2c. If a Non-Raid Member of TOXIC is interested in becoming a Raid Member, he/she simply has to speak with any of the Guild Master's or Council Members. A brief interview on raid times and other minor details will be conducted.

2d. In order to raid with TOXIC, you MUST have the following add-ons installed: Deadly Boss Mods, Omen Threat Meter(Or another properly working threat meter), and all healers must be using healbot. Healbot will only be optional to healers who have proven they do not require it to effectively heal through End-Game Content.

2e. If a Member or Raid Member of TOXIC is hindering the progress of a raid, whether it be from lack of heals, dps, threat, raid awareness, or net/pc issues, that player will have to be replaced with another member or PUGed player. If this happens, the TOXIC Member is NOT to take this personally, as the Member will either be given advice on how to correct the issue(s), or told where to get that advice.

2f. If a Raid Member of TOXIC needs to be temporarily replaced from a group, it is very possible that someone will permanently take that spot, either moving the member to a different group, or even out of any groups(depending on the availability of the current groups).

SECTION Three (Our Current Raid Schedule)


SECTION FOUR (Ventrilo Information & Rules)

4a. Host: - Port: 9652 - No Password

4b. Only Members of TOXIC may join our vent at any time.

4c. If a Member of TOXIC would like to bring a friend on Vent, he/she must first ask a Guild Master EVERY time unless told otherwise.

4d. If you would like to stream music, or play any sort of sound that might get on peoples nerves, you MUST do so in the Music Streaming channel. It is there for a reason, and music streaming in any other channel will get you kicked or even banned!
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